U.S. Virgin Islands Travel Guide

Sights and activities on U.S. Virgin Islands: beaches, diving, snorkeling, shopping and golf

Looking for a tropical island paradise in the Caribbean? The U.S. Virgin Islands has all what it takes to be one, including world-class beaches, yachting marinas, jungles, coral reefs excellent for diving and snorkeling, tax-free shopping, deep-sea fishing, and golf courses. The warm and sunny Caribbean climate and colorful culture of the U.S. Virgin Islands await you![b]The US Virgin Islands[/b] (USVI) are a territory of the United States in the Caribbean Sea east of Puerto Rico. The U.S. Virgin Islands consist of three main islands: Saint Thomas, Saint Croix and Saint John, plus a number of smaller island and cays. Half of the Virgin Islands in the east are British Virgin Islands territory. The inhabitants of the US Virgin Islands are mainly descendants of African slaves, but there are also minorities of Europeans, Asians and Puerto Ricans. These islands with a laid-back Caribbean culture attract approximately 2 million visitors a year, mostly coming in by cruise ships.

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