United Arab Emirates Travel Guide

Sights and activities in the United Arab Emirates: beaches, shopping, golf courses and desert safaris

The United Arab Emirates are an interesting holiday destination with white-sand beaches and a lot of sunshine. This rich Arab country is home to big modern cities with luxury hotels, multitude of duty-free shopping opportunities and nightlife, as well as traditional Bedouin culture and vast deserts good for jeep safaris. Where else could you watch camel racing and try your skills of indoor skiing during one day only?[b]Rich Persian Gulf country[/b] located in the Arabian Peninsula on the coasts of Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven sovereign emirates, largest of which is Abu Dhabi. The most popular tourism destination in the country is Dubai. This relatively new oil-rich state is a unique combination of modern luxury and traditional Islamic culture. The population in the UAE is nowadays composed mainly of immigrants from South and Southeast Asia and other Arab countries, while only about 20% of the local population is originally from the Emirates. The UAE has an advanced infrastructure and public facilities, as well as shopping malls, bazaars and a wide range of tourist accommodation with especially many luxury hotels.

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United Arab Emirates Destinations