How to get there in Tulum

Practical information for your trip to Tulum

Travelling to Tulum is easy by bus from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Chetumal, and buses stop both near the archaeological site and the bus station in Tulum town. Long-distance buses to Tulum can be found also as far as in Mexico City. Local minivans called collectivos also bring people to Tulum, and you can also visit Tulum by driving or taking part of an organized day tour. The nearest airport to Tulum is in Cancun.

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Moving around in Tulum

Tulum area contains three main parts that are all located a bit apart from each other: the archaeological site of the ancient Tulum, the modern Tulum town (also called Tulum Pueblo), and the hotel zone along the Caribbean beaches south of the archaeological site. In Tulum town, you can get around by walking, but the ruins and the hotel zone are located further away. Inexpensive local taxis are available for transportation. Bicycles can be rented, and car rental in Tulum can also be arranged.