How to get there in Tonga

Practical information for your trip to Tonga

Traveling to Tonga is mainly done by air, but you can also come to Tonga with your own yacht or on board a cruise ship. There are two international airports in Tonga, but most international flights to Tonga land on Tongatapu Island. For private yachts, there are six ports of entry.

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Moving around in Tonga

Domestic transport between the islands of Tonga is done by air or by boat. There are local flights between the main islands and many inter-island ferries travelling between the island groups and most inhabited islands. Buses and taxis can be found on the largest islands. Car rental in Tonga is available in the major centers, and bicycles and horses can also be rented for transportation. As most Tongan islands are quite flat, cycling is an easy way to move around.