How to get there in Sousse

Practical information for your trip to Sousse

The third largest city in Tunisia, Sousse is easily accessible from many countries and other cities in Tunisia. Flights to Sousse arrive at Monastir Airport which is located 20 km away from Sousse. There are also good train and shared taxi connections to Sousse from the Tunisian capital Tunis. The roads in Tunisia are generally in very good condition and there are good highway connections to Sousse from other cities and towns in Tunisia. Sousse is the major port in Tunisia and receives ferries from Italy and France.

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Moving around in Sousse

Taxis are widely available in Sousse. As the majority of them do not use meters it is advisable to negotiate the price before entering a taxi. Shared taxis are an inexpensive way of traveling long distances and around the city. Car rental in Sousse is easy and a good option if you want to travel around Tunisia on your own. However, note that driving in Tunisia is not suitable for faint-hearted.