How to get there in Samos

Practical information for your trip to Samos

Samos is situated in the North Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. Due to its close location with Turkey, Samos receives numerous ferries from Kusadasi. The main port of Samos is located in Vathy, the capital of the island. The port receives ferries from Turkey and the neighboring Greek islands. However, the easiest way to travel to Samos is by air. There are domestic flights to Samos from Athens, as well as from other Greek islands. In addition, there are numerous charter flights to Samos from Northern and Western European destinations in summer.

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Moving around in Samos

For traveling around the island, you can use local buses. Car rental on Samos is a good option for independent touring. Taxis are also available in Vathy and Pythagorion. For a day on the sea, you can take a cruise to one of the neighboring islands. The towns of Vathy and Pythagorion are compact enough to be explored on foot.