How to get there in Samoa

Practical information for your trip to Samoa

Traveling to Samoa is done by air or by boat. Samoa has one international airport on the island of Upolu with flights to Samoa from Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles and from a few other South Pacific nations. Book your flights well in advance during the holiday period between December and January, as many Samoans living overseas are visiting home for their holidays at that time. You can also visit Samoa with your own yacht, and there is a passenger boat service to Samoa from nearby Tokelau Islands.

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Moving around in Samoa

Public transport in Samoa is mainly handled by buses. Do not expect to get anywhere very fast, but Samoan buses are still an experience you should not miss. There are also ferries between the Samoan islands. Taxis are cheap and widely available in Samoa, and you can usually rent them for a day for a same price as a normal rental car. Car rental in Samoa is available on the main islands of Upolu and Savai'i.