How to get there in Saint Lucia

Practical information for your trip to Saint Lucia

Traveling to Saint Lucia can be done by air or by sea. The island has two airports with flights to St Lucia from the US, Canada, Great Britain and several Caribbean countries. There is also a frequent ferry to Saint Lucia from the neighboring island of Martinique. Many visitors come to the island on cruise ships that dock in the island’s capital Castries. You can also travel to Saint Lucia by your own yacht.

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Moving around in Saint Lucia

The local transportation is handled mainly by minivan buses, taxis and water taxis. Taxis are plentiful at the airports as well as in Castries and the main beach tourism destinations of St Lucia, and many water taxis can be found in Soufriere. Catamaran tours from Soufriere to Rodney Bay and a helicopter taxi between the two airports are also available. Car rental on Saint Lucia is available at both airports.