An ancient Catalan town by the sea, where both traditions and language differ from those of the rest of the island, Alghero is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful towns, and an absolute must see for those traveling to this part of the world.

The climate

Alghero can boast an incredibly high number of sunny days and year-round mild temperatures, making it a perfect destination even in the off seasons. So skip the summer, when the heat index can be high and the town is more crowded, and opt for a shoulder season trip: May, September and October are particularly pleasant.

Amazing Catalan cuisine

Alghero is very proud of its ancient Catalan origins, and it shows in its culture, dialect and cuisine. The famous "malloreddus" noodles, served with a dense sausage meat sauce in the rest of Sardinia, in Alghero are prepared with a delicate cream of scampi. Lobster, too, is a key ingredient here: try it in dishes such as Catalan lobster - a delightful salad available in most restaurants- or in the traditional spaghetti. Sea urchin, too, is an Alghero staple: its red pulp is best appreciated raw, accompanied by fresh bread and a good local wine. For dessert, the decadent Crema Catalana, is a must try: this cinnamon flavored custard is caramelized much like creme brulé and is a town favorite.

It’s perfect for walking

Because of its size, Alghero offers visitors the chance to explore it by foot - a relaxing way to get acquainted with its ancient walls and stunning sea shore.

The vibrant nightlife

The area around Piazza Sulis is a historical meeting point for partygoers in Alghero, as it is home to some of the oldest and most stylish hangouts of the Catalan tourism boom of the 60s. And although times have changed, this area is still the perfect place to go to if you want to dine or enjoy some nightlife.

La dolce vita at Bastioni Marco Polo

The Bastioni Marco Polo, the ancient walls of the city, are the place where everyone likes to linger to relax a bit and take a stroll: coffee shops and restaurants animate the area and offer an excuse to stop for a drink while enjoying the sea breeze.

Bastioni Marco Polo

Ancient Palazzos

In the heart of Alghero, beautiful Piazza Civica is a must see: here you can admire what once were the most representative governmental institutions of the town, from the Gothic Palazzo de Ferrera, mansion to the city governor, to the Casa de la Ciutat, the city council.

Ancient Palazzos in Alghero


Stunning sunsets

Because Alghero faces full west, sunsets are truly spectacular as the sun dips into the sea. There are plenty of places by the Bastioni Marco Polo where one can sit and enjoy the last light of the day while sipping a cocktail or delicious local wine.

Alghero's stunning sunsets

Coral jewelry

The area around Alghero is called “Riviera del Corallo” for a reason: tons of non-endangered coral grows here, and the region is famous for being home of some incredible producers of coral jewelry. Stop by any workshop and watch artisans at work: the process is as incredible and fascinating as the finished product itself.

Beautiful beaches

Don’t forget you are in Sardinia, a land famous worldwide for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. Alghero is close to some spots that will take your breath away with their powdery white sand and turquoise sea, so take your time you explore them.