How to get there in Phuket

Practical information for your trip to Phuket

Traveling to Phuket can be done by air or by road. The island has an international airport receiving flights to Phuket from many cities in Southeast Asia as well as many charter flights from Europe and Australia. Buses to Phuket can be found in Bangkok and many other cities around Thailand. There are also plenty of ferries and speedboats to Phuket from the nearby areas of Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, and several smaller islands. Cruises to Phuket are available from Singapore.

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Moving around in Phuket

Local transportation on Phuket is handled by buses, yellow and red taxis, fast but dangerous motorcycle taxis, as well as ubiquitous tuk-tuks that, unlike elsewhere in Thailand, are actually four-wheeled minivans. Always agree a price before getting into a taxi or tuk-tuk. Car rental in Phuket is well available, but the local traffic is quite chaotic. Motorbikes are also plentifully available for rent.