Best time to visit Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, situated in the south west of the continent by the Indian Ocean and around the Swan River. The city is isolated from the rest of the country: it is more than 4,400 kilometers from Sydney to Perth. The city has long and hot summers, when temperatures in Perth can exceed 30°C and the humidity can occasionally make the weather unpleasant. Winters in Perth are often wet and mild with some storms and winds. Best seasons to visit Perth are spring from September to November and autumn from March to May.

Month Average temperature When to go
January 32° C
February 32° C
March 30° C
April 26° C
May 21° C
June 18° C
July 17° C
August 18° C
September 19° C
October 23° C
November 26° C
December 30° C