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Palermo and surroundings Travel Guide

A city exploding with life and a beautiful coastal resort

Sicily’s capital palermo is a city of great contrasts that cannot leave a visitors indifferent: it is often said that you either love it or hate it, but loving it is much easier as the whole town is a playground ready to be discovered. The streets of Palermo, a maze of alleys filled with the scent of meals cooking and with the voices of market vendors calling out their prices, are a sight on their own: just wander through the quarters of Capo, Ballarò and Vucciria to get a real feeling of the unique atmosphere of this equally unique city. Palermo also offers the opportunity to admire some great Baroque architecture, from the fountain i Piazza Pretoria, to the grandiose Quattro Canti. Food lovers, too, will definitely be happy: try panelle, the quintessential local street food, or sit down to enjoy some fresh seafood in the restaurants near the port: eating and people watching is as fun as visiting the rest of the town.

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