Su Gologone

Hotel in Ogliastra and Nuoro province, Sardinia, Italy

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Why by Vivere

Su Gologone offers a wonderful retreat where you can rediscover your energy and forget the chaos of everyday life. This authentic hotel pays homage to local traditions in its furnishings, fine cuisine and romantic atmosphere, providing guests with their own island within an island.

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Fifteen miles from the nearest beach, Su Gologone lies in the heart of Barbagia, a part of the island rich in tradition and history. Ancient olive trees and vineyards cling to the slopes of the mountainous Supramonte area, where the air is fragrant with myrtle and rosemary. Each room is unique and embodies Sardinia’s rich artistic heritage. Featuring art, textiles and artisan furnishings, Su Gologone's decor is full of surprises, with something to delight guests in every nook and cranny.

Su Gologone
Loc. Su Gologone
Oliena 8025
0039 0784 287512
[email protected]