A unique experience hotel based in Sardinia’s country side, a place where guests can enjoy the „best of Sardinia“ and are being overwhelmed by the authenticity, art and beauty from this spot, miles away from the touristy Costa Smeralda.

About the place 

Su Gologone is based in the middle of the Barbagia mountains which is approximately 100 km from Olbia airport (approximately 1,5 hrs drive on the island’s main SS131 highway). The name Su Gologone is based on its bucolic spring that is 5 min up the hills from the hotel area. The spring is a nice one and the deep blue clear water gives you calmness and relaxation by just staring into it.

Activities at the hotel

Make a wish: the “terrazzo dei desideri” (il terrazzo dei desideri)

The terrace of desire - means the terrace where desires can come true. 

On this terrace you can enjoy a romantic dinner for 2 during sunset time, or do relieving yoga in the afternoon or early morning. The view will leave you speechless anyways and the artistic decoration is just overwhelming. The perfect place for some yoga!

Terrazzo dei sogni - The terrace of dreams. Stargazing through a telescope 

At the terrace of dreams, once a week, you can enjoy an astronomy class with a huge telescope and 2 professors that will explain you lots about the universe and also spot the rotating galaxies with red and blue stars.

The herb route

In their lovely herb Garden, you know that I studied the science of herbs last year, each plant there has its name written in Italian, Sardinian and Latin next to it. How cute and lovely is that. Even during the night the herb route can be an interesting activity, because its illuminated with small LED spots. 

Tasting, wine cellars and cookery classes

The tastings is focused mainly on local olive oil, cheese, Sardinian prosciutto and local wines from the Nuoro Region. The tastings are usually held weekly, but guests can book it at any time or you can make a private reservation. The design of the wine house is of an ancient and contemporary art, including antique cellar utensils. When it comes to the cookery classes, guests are being shown how to cook originally Sardinian, by Sardinian women. They have passed their knowledge from one to the other generation and now they learn the guests how to make passata, pasta and local bread. 

Tex Willer cacti garden

This garden is dedicated to Aurelio Galleppini, the Sardinian-born creator of Tex Willer, the main character in the Italian comic strip Tex. At the cacti garden, you will find tons of endemic cacti and walking through this garden gives a certain kind of feeling - "pure belonging to this earth". And from the terrace of desire you can watch the cacti garden perfectly from above (bird perspective). 

Sunset tour on the Corrasi

We did the sunset trekking tour on the Corrasi. First you start the tour with a 40 minutes ride up the hills, with a big jeep. Then you start the trekking from approximately 700 m height up to 1407 (the highest point of Corrasi) and are going to enjoy the sunset up there. The trekking up to 1407 m takes up to 2 hours one way, depending on your health and conditions. You will be deeply rewarded by the endless view from the Sardinian mountains, spotting the Nuoro region from high above the sea level. For us, the endemic flowers on top of the mountains and the speechless sunset view, it was definitely a highlight for us. 


The Su Gologone Experience rooms 

Every room, even the standard rooms are an individual piece of art, designed with fabrics and ceramics. Most of the bathrooms have relaxing rain showers and is designed with handmade tiles. Most suites have four-poster beds, outdoor baths and fireplaces; the biggest one is highlighting itself with a private fully-equipped art studio and rose garden.

In conclusion, our stay at the Su Gologone Experience Hotel was mesmerizing and we would love to return soon. 

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!