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Ogliastra and Nuoro province Travel Guide

Ogliastra, Barbagia And Nuoro

The beautiful and wild east coast of Sardinia, Italy’s less populated province, is a place of long beaches, caves and stunning panoramas. There are no big towns here, but a series of smaller villages, all of which are on the quieter side and perfect for those who want to make the most of their days and don’t mind spending quiet, relaxing nights. The wonderful Golfo di Orosei, with its many “cale”, is a natural paradise with the most incredible water you will ever see: best explored by boat, it makes for the ideal destination for adventure lovers. The region is also home to the Sentiero Blu, one of the most difficult and challenging trekking routes in the country: so keep this in mind if you are an avid hiker. Ogliastra has grown in popularity only the last few years, but is still largely untouched by tourism and therefore is very authentic.

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