New Zealand Travel Guide

Sights and activities in New Zealand: beaches, mountains, trekking and adventure sports

New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous nature that offers great opportunities for an active holiday. This modern, English-speaking island nation charms its visitors with stunning views on mountains, sandy beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, fjords and rainforests that are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, golf or rock climbing as well as adventure sports such as bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving, surfing... You name it. No wonder New Zealand receives approximately 2.4 million international tourists a year.[b]A twin-island country[/b] located in the Pacific Ocean southeast of Australia, New Zealand consists of two main islands – North Island and South Island, as well as several smaller ones. Most of the population of New Zealand is concentrated on the subtropical North Island, especially around Auckland, whereas the South Island that has a cool temperate climate and high mountain areas is much less populated. The diverse nature of New Zealand includes volcanic and alpine areas, glaciers, fern forests and magnificent waterfalls.

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