How to get there in Mykonos

Practical information for your trip to Mykonos

Mykonos can be reached by air from many European cities, or by boat from Athens and most of the other islands. Beware that there are two ports, so check where your ship is. The inner port (or old port), within the city is where some very few passenger-only boats dock and where some of the cruise ship transfer boats let tourists disembark, while the outer port (or new port), a short drive away, (although there is a bus and a quick sea transfer as it’s a bit far out on foot) is a large harbor for all the large vessels and huge cruise ships.

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Moving around in Mykonos

Public transportation is reliable in Mykonos, yet because of its size renting a vehicle can be a good idea. A word of caution: relying on taxis late at night can lead to long waits.