Mauritius Travel Guide

Sights and activities in Mauritius: beaches, shopping, nightlife, fishing & golf

Calm tropical island paradise in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers excellent beaches with many water sports activities such as windsurfing and water skiing, a variety of golf courses, dive sites, a wide selection of luxurious hotels, plenty of nightlife and festivals, and great possibilities for trekking in the scenic interior of the island. Mauritius also has an interesting mix of cultures and local cuisine.[b]An island nation[/b] in the southern Indian Ocean, Mauritius is located east of Madagascar. The volcanic main island of Mauritius is accompanied by a couple of smaller outlying islands and island groups. Although located closer to Africa, Mauritius has a predominantly Indian population and retains strong influences from French and British colonial past. Mauritius is a lively mixture of cultures and people of Indian, African, European and Chinese descent, representing Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religions.

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