Martinique Travel Guide

Sights and activities in Martinique: beaches, sailing, trekking, diving and nightlife

The tropical Caribbean island of Martinique is a French holiday paradise endowed with excellent beaches, scenic mountains and tropical forests, rich cultural history, trendy boutiques and Creole cuisine. Martinique is a worldwide yachting center with many sights and activities such as diving and trekking as well as a great number of beach resorts. This wealthy island is a popular holiday destination especially for French-speakers.[b]French Caribbean[/b] island of Martinique is located in the Eastern Caribbean between Dominica and Saint Lucia. It is an overseas department of France and belongs to the European Union. The local population of Martinique consists mostly of people of African origin, but there are also minorities of French, Indian, Lebanese and Chinese people. The island’s culture is a mix of Caribbean and French influences. Also called the Isle of Flowers, Martinique is the rum capital of the world with some of the world’s finest rum distilleries.

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