How to get there in Malta

Practical information for your trip to Malta

Malta is easily accessible by air from the European mainland. Flights to Malta arrive at the Malta International Airport located near to the capital Valletta. The country can also be accessed by ferries from Italian, Greek, and Turkish ports.

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Moving around in Malta

Malta has a good public transportation system consisting of cheap and colorful old buses. The cities of Malta are all small enough to be toured on foot. If you are interested in exploring the destinations outside Valletta on your own, car rental in Malta is a good option and widely available. There are regular ferries between the inhabited islands of Malta and Gozo and even helicopters are used to transfers between the islands. A water taxi service is also available in Valletta. Taxis can be found in Maltese towns but they are often quite expensive. There are both black taxis which must be booked in advance and white taxis which can be hailed on a street.