Best time to visit Maldives

The Maldives are located in Southern Asia southwest of India. There are 200 inhabited islands and 80 islands with tourist resorts within Maldives. The islands enjoy a hot and humid tropical climate. The average temperature in Maldives is around 30°C throughout the year. Most rainfall comes during the southwest monsoon from May to November. The best season for diving in Maldives is from January to April when the weather is calm and the water is at its clearest. The peak season for tourism on Maldives is from December to April when the islands are often very crowded and the prices tend to rise.

Month Average temperature When to go
January 28° C
February 29° C
March 30° C
April 30° C
May 28° C
June 29° C
July 29° C
August 29° C
September 29° C
October 29° C
November 28° C
December 29° C