How to get there in Maldives

Practical information for your trip to Maldives

Flights to Maldives arrive at the international airport in the capital Malé, which receives regular flights from Sri Lanka, India, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, and charter flights from Europe during the peak season. There are no regular boat connections to the islands.

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Moving around in Maldives

There is no public transportation on Maldives. Boats, private yachts, helicopters and Air Taxis handle transfers between the islands. There are domestic flights to the outer atoll islands as well. Private transfers tend to be very expensive. Most islands are small enough to be toured on foot. Taxis, motorcycles, and bicycles are widely available in the capital Malé. Car rental in Maldives is not necessary. Due to the protection of the local culture in the Maldives, getting around on your own is not possible without a local tour operator, and traveling outside the tourist zone is not permitted unless you acquire an Inter Atoll Travel Permit. The easiest way to travel around the atolls is to take part in the island-hopping tours or cruises in the Maldives organized by resorts or tour agencies.