How to get there in Los Angeles

Practical information for your trip to Los Angeles

The majority of the international flights to Los Angeles arrive at the huge Los Angeles International Airport which is the major gateway to the city. L.A. can also be accessed by fast and comfortable buses and trains from all over North America. There are bus stations in Downtown, Hollywood, Pasadena, Long Beach and Anaheim. There are several daily trains to Los Angeles from Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, New Orleans and other US cities. The city is easily accessible by car via the excellent highways.

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Moving around in Los Angeles

Public transportation in L.A. is handled by buses and a subway and light rail system. Unlike other cities in the United States, taxis cannot be hailed on a street in L.A. However, they are widely available at the airports, train stations, bus stations and hotels. Los Angeles is not very pedestrian-friendly as the major attractions in the city are located far from each other. Car rental in Los Angeles is a good option as there are excellent highways to and around the city. The public transportation in Los Angeles is not the most effective way of travelling around the city mainly built for cars. Driving along the famous Mullholland Drive is an unforgettable experience.