Belvedere Bellagio

Hotel in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

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Why by Vivere

The magic of the lake has allured and enthralled the romantic souls that visit for centuries. Bellagio is breathtakingly beautiful and unhurried. Allow yourself to be won over by its elegance and charm, sink into the slow pace of life and enjoy the moment while sipping a cocktail in the town.

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The Belvedere hotel is a real family affair, passed down from mother to daughter since 1880. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, the service is friendly, dedicated to keeping guests happy, and the rooms range from the sleek to the traditional, divided between the main building and villas around the garden. The hotel has several evocative areas to explore: the private park and outside pool and the enchanting natural surroundings. The Belvedere and Bellagio are intimately connected, offering guests a romantic getaway to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Belvedere Bellagio
Via Valassina 31
Bellagio 22021
+39 031 950 410
[email protected]