How to get there in Koh Samui

Practical information for your trip to Koh Samui

Traveling to Koh Samui can be done by air or by sea. The international airport on Koh Samui receives flights from Thailand as well as from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. There are also many charter flights to Koh Samui from Europe and Australia. Many passenger boat services connect the island to the mainland, and bus/ferry combination tickets to Ko Samui are easy to get. There are also frequent boats to the nearby islands of Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao.

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Moving around in Koh Samui

Local transport on Ko Samui is provided with minivans, taxis, motorcycle taxis, and pick-up trucks called songthaews. Car rental in Ko Samui is available and you can also rent motorcycles and bicycles.