How to get there in Key West

Practical information for your trip to Key West

The southernmost city in continental United States, Key West is situated approximately 130 miles / 207 km southwest from Miami. There are direct flights to Key West from Atlanta and Miami, as well as from other cities in Florida. You can also travel to Key West by road and by ferry. There are shuttle buses to Key West available in many cities in Florida. The port of Key West receives many cruise ships and ferries.

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Moving around in Key West

What comes to the transportation in Key West, there is a good network of public buses in the city. Key West Old Town is best explored by foot or by bike. Boat tours are a perfect way to see the island from the waterside perspective. Car rental in Key West is a good option if you want to visit other destinations in the scenic Florida Keys. However, parking in Key West's city center can be quite problematic.