How to get there in Hua Hin

Practical information for your trip to Hua Hin

Traveling to Hua Hin can be done by air, road or rail. Hua Hin has a small airport with regular flights from Bangkok and some charter flights, but it is also very common to fly to Bangkok and travel to Hua Hin from there. Regular and comfortable but slow trains connect Hua Hin to Bangkok and the south of Thailand, and faster and more regular buses to Hua Hin are available from Bangkok, the Bangkok airport and from the cities in Southern Thailand.

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Moving around in Hua Hin

Local transport in Hua Hin is handled by pick-up trucks called songthaews that have fixed routes, three-wheeled tuk-tuks, taxis, and motorcycle taxis. Make sure you agree on the price before getting into a taxi or tuk-tuk. Car rental in Hua Hin is available and a good way to move around in the region in case you are comfortable driving in Thailand. Small motorbikes and bicycles are also available for hire.