Best time to visit Hawaii (Big Island)

The Big Island has a varied climate with both tropical coastal regions and cool mountain areas. The leeward western part of Hawaii Island is the driest area with a consistently warm climate perfect for beach holidays, while the windward east coast is equally warm but wet throughout the year. The climate in Hawaii Island also varies by elevation, and the high mountain areas are usually cool and wet. There is a wet season on the Big Island from November to March, but some rainfall occurs throughout the year, especially in the eastern part of the island. Winter storms are frequent on the Big Island.

Month Average temperature When to go
January 28° C
February 28° C
March 29° C
April 30° C
May 31° C
June 31° C
July 32° C
August 32° C
September 32° C
October 31° C
November 30° C
December 29° C