How to get there in Ha Long Bay

Practical information for your trip to Ha Long Bay

Traveling to Ha Long Bay is done by sea. The area is located 165 km from Hanoi and 75 km from Haiphong, and there are regular buses to Bay Chai (Halong City) from both of these cities. From Bai Chay, you can take a boat to the islands. However, the most common way to visit Ha Long Bay is to purchase a cruise tour package from a local travel agent. Travel agencies in Hanoi sell regular Ha Long Bay cruises made with motorized Chinese-style junks. All visitors to Ha Long Bay need to pay an entering fee to the Ha Long Bay management department.

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Moving around in Ha Long Bay

Once in Ha Long Bay, the main method of local transportation is by boat. Motorbikes and kayaks are available for rent in many of the hotels in the area. Car rental is not available.