Best time to visit Galapagos Islands

Located on the Equator, Galapagos has a tropical climate that is warm around the year. The water, however, is often cold because of the predominating cold ocean currents. The sea is rough between July and October. The weather on Galapagos Islands is occasionally influenced by the El Niño phenomenon, bringing warmer temperatures and heavy rains. The temperatures are warmer from December to May, and slightly cooler from June to November when it is also often misty. There is a rainy season on Galapagos Islands from January to March, but wildlife viewing opportunities are good around the year.

Month Average temperature When to go
January 25° C
February 25° C
March 27° C
April 27° C
May 25° C
June 23° C
July 22° C
August 21° C
September 21° C
October 21° C
November 22° C
December 23° C