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Folegandros Travel Guide

A rocky oasis in the deep blue sea

The rocky island of Folegandros, with its uninterrupted stunning views and rugged nature, is only 12 kilometers long and a picture-perfect oasis of calm in a sea of blue. Just one road of roughly 10 kilometers connects the Karavostasis port to Hora and Ano Meria, the only three quaint white villages on the island. Here, life moves at a different, slower pace and offers the perfect place to relax by the Mediterranean: no wonder Folegandros is a top choice for those seeking peace and quiet. Imagine walking in the quiet alleys of the Hora, or stopping in a square to enjoy the shade and scent of centennial bougainvillea trees: the very essence of the island seems to be made of relaxation. Step on its high cliffs, take in some dramatic landscapes and let the island capture you with its austere beauty; Folegandros has lovely beaches but they can sometimes be difficult to reach if you are not prepared to walk. A good alternative is taking a water taxi to find your favorite spot.

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