How to get there in Dubrovnik

Practical information for your trip to Dubrovnik

Flights to Dubrovnik arrive at "Dubrovnik International Airport" which serves both domestic flights and flights from European cities mainly during the summer season. There are also good and reliable bus connections to Dubrovnik from many Croatian and European cities. The buses are, however, relatively slow. The city can also be accessed by more expensive but faster ferries from Bari in Italy and from Hvar, Split, Zadar and Rijeka in Croatia. Dubrovnik is not accessible by train.

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Moving around in Dubrovnik

Public transportation in Dubrovnik is handled by frequent buses and you can buy a day ticket valid in local buses. The Dubrovnik Old Town is small enough to be toured on foot. Car rental in Dubrovnik is easy as there are several car rental agencies in the city. Taxis are widely available but they are relatively expensive. If you want to explore the nearby islands on your own, consider taking a water taxi.