How to get there in Dubai

Practical information for your trip to Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is easy as the emirate’s international airport is one of the busiest in Asia, receiving flights to Dubai from all over the world. Dubai Airport is very modern, has famous duty-free shopping facilities, and most of all is easy and fast to reach from Europe and the Middle East, which makes Dubai an ideal destination for short breaks. The international airport of Sharjah is also very close to Dubai. You can also travel to Dubai by bus from Oman, Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates, or by a sailboat or a cruise ship.

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Moving around in Dubai

The public transport in Dubai is handled by buses and boats that cross the Dubai Creek. Taxis are also widely available, and the city is currently building a new metro rail transport system. Car rental in Dubai is well available, but driving inside the city is rather dangerous because of the chaotic and often congested traffic.