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Donoussa Travel Guide

Peace and quiet in the Lesser Cyclades

Small and remote, the easternmost and northernmost of the Lesser Cyclades, the island of Donoussa is definitely off the beaten track, an oasis of peace and tranquility for those seeking the beauty of the Cyclades without the hustle and bustle of bigger, mainstream islands. With about 150 residents, Donoussa has a small island feel and everything there seems to move at a slower pace: other than the ferry that arrives at the harbor a few times a week, the impression travelers have is of arriving in a calm and remote Mediterranean paradise. Stavros, a picture-perfect Greek island village, gives the feeling of returning to a simpler, more genuine way of life. The amazing landscapes and the stunning beaches make Donoussa a playground for nature lovers, and while some beaches are easily accessible, others remain isolated, perfect for those who love free camping. The silence is only interrupted by the waves crashing on the shores, as traffic on the island is almost nonexistent. Keep in mind that there are no cars or scooters for hire (and no gas station) and that some beaches can only be reached on foot.

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