Best time to visit Doha

Located in the Middle East, in a peninsula by the Persian Gulf, the capital of Qatar is surrounded by not only deserts, but also by extreme heat. During summer, which lasts from May to September temperatures generally reach 35°C, and can at times climb as high as to 50°C. Although 20°C is easily in reached during any time of the year, wintertime temperatures in Doha are much milder, and offer more tolerable conditions for travelers. However, during the winter rainy season and sandstorms provide additional challenges to tourism in Doha, which is why the best time to visit Doha is either in the spring (February, March, April) or in Autumn (October, November).

Month Average temperature When to go
January 21° C
February 21° C
March 21° C
April 25° C
May 31° C
June 34° C
July 34° C
August 34° C
September 32° C
October 28° C
November 24° C
December 21° C