How to get there in Djibouti

Practical information for your trip to Djibouti

Traveling to Djibouti is possible by air and by sea, as well as by road and rail from the neighboring countries. The capital city has an international airport with regular flights to Djibouti from France, Great Britain and some African and Middle Eastern countries. There are road connections to Djibouti from all the neighboring countries, with buses and a railway to Djibouti from Ethiopia. There are also boats to Djibouti from Yemen. Visas are required from all foreign visitors except the French.

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Moving around in Djibouti

Local transport is available in form of many buses from the capital to all other towns in Djibouti and a train service from Djibouti City to Ali Sabieh. There are also regular passenger boats from the capital to across the bay in Tadjoura and Obock. Taxis are available mainly in the city center and at the airport. Car rental in Djibouti is available but choices are few.