Best time to visit Costa del Sol and Malaga

The climate in Costa del Sol is Mediterranean with hot summers, mild winters, and frequent sunshine. The warmest time of the year in Costa del Sol is from June to September, when you can enjoy pleasant weather and a high probability of sunshine with average monthly high temperatures generally rising to 30°C or close. During the winter, the highs stay close to 20°C, which does not mean the beaches would be empty on a sunny day. Costa del Sol is a year-round destination, but if you want maximum amount of sunshine, come here between April and October.

Month Average temperature When to go
January 17° C
February 18° C
March 20° C
April 21° C
May 24° C
June 28° C
July 30° C
August 31° C
September 28° C
October 24° C
November 20° C
December 18° C