Il Cannito

Hotel in Paestum, Cilento, Italy

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Why by Vivere

A splendid boutique hotel in an authentic location away from the hustle and bustle of the world and surrounded by genuine beauty, art and history. It combines modernity and a slow pace of life, at the heart of a region with magnificent cultural and natural heritage unlike anywhere else on Earth.

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Il Cannito B&B sits on the hill of Capaccio in the province of Salerno, overlooking the majestic Paestum. The building, an ancient Franciscan monastery, comprises two expertly renovated stone buildings, with refined decor, design objects and an attentive service awaiting within. Myrtle and juniper bushes surround the swimming pool, and guests can enjoy the sea from a private beach. The cuisine is also undoubtedly worth a try, showcasing local ingredients…

Il Cannito
Via Cannito
Paestum 84047
+39 0828 1962277
[email protected]