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Cilento Travel Guide

The perfect spot for a quiet but fun holiday in touch with nature

The Cilento, a beautiful area that runs on the coast between Paestum and the Gulf of Policastro and inland up to the Vallo di Diano, is a popular destination with tourists who enjoy lush nature, clear waters, a simple sort of life, but also good food and a bit of fun. Boat trips from Palinuro are a great way to explore the area, rich with inlets and caves that are otherwise impossible to reach, while the inland, dotted with villages and towns, is best visited by car. Gastronomy is, of course, another strong suit of the area, as many restaurants serve amazing fresh fish and other local pasta specialties. Olive oil, too, is an amazing local treat: the Cilento DOP is considered to be one of the best oils in the country.

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