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Chania Travel Guide

A wonderful region with some of best beaches that can be found in Crete

Chania is said to be one of the most interesting and beautiful towns in Crete, and in all of Greece thanks to its idyllic location on the north shore of the island and its amazing history and architecture. The town is charming and amazing to explore, with quaint alleys heading to the port – one of the most picturesque in the country. Here you will find yourself endlessly strolling, taking pictures, enjoying a drink or browsing the stores selling local artifacts. Those who enjoy life at the beach won’t be disappointed, as the area offers some incredible places to enjoy the clear waters that surround the island: from super organized structures with chairs and umbrellas to wilder, more remote beaches, the area has it all. Around Chania you can also enjoy incredible historical sites, from castles and fortresses to stunning Ottoman landmarks, as well beautiful mountains, gorges and lakes.

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