How to get there in Casablanca

Practical information for your trip to Casablanca

Travel to Casablanca is done mainly by air. The city is home to the busiest international airport in Morocco, receiving flights to Casablanca from many destinations in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Africa. There are also good rail and road connections to Casablanca, as well as domestic flights from elsewhere in Morocco. Intercity buses to Casablanca are available from a few European cities. There are no passenger boat connections to Casablanca.

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Moving around in Casablanca

The local transport in Casablanca is serviced by buses and commuter trains and there are many taxis available. The smaller red petite taxis are for short journeys and the bigger white grand taxis make longer journeys between cities. A new subway system and trams are also being planned. Car rental in Casablanca is also available, although driving in the city itself can be quite dangerous.