How to get there in Cabarete

Practical information for your trip to Cabarete

Traveling to Cabarete is best done via the international airport in Puerto Plata. It receives flights to Dominican Republic from many parts of Europe and North America. Cabarete can be reached from the airport by taxi or local bus. You can also travel to Cabarete via the airports of Santiago or Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. When entering the Dominican Republic, you need to purchase a tourist card. You can also travel to Cabarete by public transport buses and minibuses from elsewhere in the Dominican Republic.

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Moving around in Cabarete

Cabarete has only one main road and walking is a good way to get around. Transportation options in Cabarete include also sedans called publico, minivans called gua-gua, and motorbike taxis called motoconcho. Taxis are also abundant, but it is recommended to negotiate the price before getting into one. Motorbike and car rental in Cabarete are also available.