How to get there in Broome

Practical information for your trip to Broome

The Kimberley region is a long way from everywhere, so the best way to travel to Broome is to fly here. There is a domestic airport with regular flights to Broome from Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Traveling to Broome is also possible by bus or by your own car. However, the distances are long and the wilderness areas have a harsh climate, so make sure you are properly prepared.

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Moving around in Broome

While Broome town itself is small enough to be explored by foot, the nearby attractions can be reached by a 4WD vehicle, by boat or by a small plane. Car rental in Broome is well available, and rental cars tend to be well equipped for the rough environment of Kimberley region. Jeep safaris around Broome are a popular and safe way to see the wilderness areas of the remote region.