How to get there in Biarritz

Practical information for your trip to Biarritz

Traveling to Biarritz is easy by road, rail and air. There is an airport with flights to Biarritz from many cities in France, as well as from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Switzerland. There are also high-speed trains to Biarritz from Paris, and buses to Biarritz from Spain. However, most visitors to the area arrive to Biarritz by their own car.

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Moving around in Biarritz

Local transportation in Biarritz area is offered by a good local bus network. The town itself is small enough to be explored by walking, and very pedestrian-friendly. Car rental in Biarritz is available for exploring the Basque region around it, and there is also a tourist street train for sightseeing that starts from the Esplanade Anciens Combattants.