How to get there in Barbados

Practical information for your trip to Barbados

The best way to travel to Barbados is by air. Flights to Barbados are well available from the US, Canada and United Kingdom. In addition to flights, Caribbean cruises also visit Barbados regularly. Due to the miniature size of the island, all beach resort areas and attractions on Barbados are within a short drive from each other, and seeing several interesting sites a day will be no problem whatsoever.

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Moving around in Barbados

Getting around on Barbados is straightforward, as public transport system on the island offers efficient and cheap alternatives for traveling. Buses and minibuses are plentiful and take you to almost anywhere with a fixed price. Taxis are also well available and can be hired for touring. If you are planning to go outside the main coastal roads, rental cars on Barbados offer a flexible alternative.