Albania Travel Guide

Tourism attractions in Albania: beaches, mountains and historical sights

The small and mysterious Albania on the Mediterranean coast of Southeast Europe offers visitors historical and cultural attractions as well as beautiful unspoiled beaches, clear blue mountain lakes, and snowy mountains. Albania is still an undeveloped tourism destination, but thanks to its wide variety of attractions, tourism in Albania is expected to develop fast. Today, this small country remains an excellent and unspoiled getaway. [b]Less visited Mediterranean.[/b] Located in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe between Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania has thousands of years of history behind it and numerous historical sites to help you get to know it. The sandy beaches by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and traditional mountain villages of Albania are yet mostly unspoiled by modernization. As most foreign visitors come to Albania for business, the hotels in Albania are often oriented towards their needs, but many new seaside hotels have also been opened.

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