How to get there in Acapulco

Practical information for your trip to Acapulco

Traveling to Acapulco is easy by air, as the city has an international airport with regular flights to Acapulco from the USA as well as from elsewhere in Mexico and abroad. You can also take buses to Acapulco from Mexico City and a few other cities in Mexico, or visit the city by your own car or yacht, or on board a Pacific cruise.

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Moving around in Acapulco

Public transport options include buses, collective taxis called colectivos, and taxis. There is a multitude of different buses in Acapulco, including special tourist buses that have been painted yellow. Taxis are also yellow and most of them are not metered, so make sure you agree on the price before entering the taxi. Car rental in Acapulco is widely available, although driving in the city itself can be challenging.