About Vivere Travel

About us

Connect traveller with destinations

Vivere is a revolutionary online visual experience that accompanies travellers through every step of their travel journey, helping them to search, discover and book the destination that most fully matches their interests and desires. Thousands of unique and proprietary photographs and expert curated content makes Vivere the only travel platform which helps users to visualise and embrace the destinations before embarking on their trips. Vivere aims not only to promote destinations, but also to feature hotels and properties, helping to brand and market them for easier discovery and selection.

Founders & Team

Daniele and Matteo Bianda, owners and cofounders of Vivere, have more than 20 years of experience in luxury travel and hospitality, which gave them a great insight in what the travel industry was lacking. Travel has always been a fundamental part of the two owners, who very often encountered frustrating decision and booking processes online, which is why they decided to create a travel guide that is in constant evolution, just like travelers are.

Along side the founders, a team of professionals and experts from different parts of Europe have worked to develop an intuitive and user friendly website, to take stunning and inspiring photographs and write precise and informative content.