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The most unique island in the Cyclades, Santorini

Different in every aspect from the rest of the Cyclades, Santorini is shaped like a crescent moon around the caldera, a volcano crater, with the main settlements built along its imposing cliffs. Don’t expect white sandy beaches, or hills that are rough and dry: in Santorini you will discover black volcanic sand and beautiful, lush vineyards. The capital city of Fira, although mobbed by crowds most of the time, is charming and beautiful, especially in the mornings, while Oia, traditional and romantic, is the best place on the island to enjoy sunset and top-notch food. Because of its shape and the distances between beaches and towns, it is better to explore Santorini with a rented vehicle: tourist season on the island lasts from April to November, so avoid August if possible, when the island is at its most crowded. If you like to explore and discover new places by yourself, then you definitely need to rent a car or scooter.

Santorini for...
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Often called the most romantic island in the Cyclades, Santorini is a popular destination with couples thanks to its intimate atmosphere and stunning sunsets. It has become known as the Honeymoon Island and is often chosen as the setting for weddings, engagements and anniversary celebrations.

The well-organized beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos are great for families, as they have chairs and umbrellas for rent as well as plenty of accommodation, dining and shopping options.

Santorini offers plenty to do, so even those who are traveling by themselves won’t get bored while vacationing on the island. Making friends on the island’s lively bars will be easy if you are inclined to be social.

Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos can be great spots for a fun vacation with a group of friends as they offer plenty to do. The nightlife, too, is vibrant and happening, as is the sailing scene.