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The elegant beauty of the Aegean Sea, Paros

Located in the center of the Cyclades islands, Paros might very well be the most likeable of the Cyclades, as it charms both the surfer and the hiker, the elderly Greek couple and the young backpacker, the nudist and the more modest beach goer, the wallflower and the party animal. With its quaint old villages and hip beach bars, Paros not only has something to offer to everyone – families, couples, boaters, kiters, windsurfers and many others – and is also extremely well connected and easy to reach. Its beaches are stunning and plentiful and, even on the windiest of days, one can find a spot to enjoy tranquil waters. Paros’ natural beauty and its laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere make it the perfect island choice for those who have never been to the Cyclades before, but also for those who are veteran island hoppers.

Paros for...
  • Couple
  • Families
  • Solo Traveler
  • Group

Paros has a wonderfully romantic atmosphere, many small secluded beaches that guarantee privacy and a host of little restaurants perfect for intimate dinners. In short, it’s an ideal spot for a couples’ vacation.

Many beaches in Paros are organized and easy to access, making it a great destination for families with little kids. Those with older children will enjoy a day trip of horseback riding or an excursion to the Butterfly Valley.

Fun and relaxed, Paros can be a great place for those traveling alone as there is a lot to do around the island. If you feel like making new friends, participate in a boat tour, a sure way to meet new people.

With its wide range of activities, Paros can be a great place to visit with groups of friends who have different interests. A popular sailing destination, the island is also famous for its vibrant nightlife.